Woven Hand- Videos 2001-2005

page 1    Cornerstone Festival 2002
page 2    Hamburg November 2004 (DEE & Ordy)
page 3    Paredes de Coura 2005
page 4    Rockpalast 2005       extra: Straw Foot
page 5    Cornerstone Festival 2005

Woven Hand- Videos 2006

page 1   US-Tour: Denver, Brooklyn
page 2   Europe Summer tour: Liège, Ostrava

page 3   Europe Autumn Tour:  Lausanne,  Salzburg, Brussels, Den Bosch, Bielefeld
page 4   
Stockholm, Moscow

Woven Hand- Videos 2007

page 1    US- Tour: Los Angeles

page 2    Europe Spring Tour: Viena, Athens, Prague, Rognes, Madrid, Barcelona
page 3    Zagreb, Annecy
page 4    Paris, Milano

page 5    Europe Summer Tour: Venlo, Frizon, Malmo, Berlin, St. Malo
page 6    Oslo, Øyafestivalen 2007-08-09 (complete show)

page 7   Europe Autumn Tour: Paris, Amiens

Woven Hand- Videos 2008

page 1    US- Tour: Asheville, Chicago

Woven Hand- Video 2008-

Newer videos are inbetween the pictures ! ! ! !

some 16 Horsepower- Videos:

   Blessed Persistence     Hutterite Mile     Straw Foot  

Pinkpop 2000 (4 videos)               16HP Brussels (10 minutes TV-clip)

16 Horsepower at Loreley- Festival 1997 (D):
Black Soul Choir    Harm´s Way   For Heaven´s Sake
South Pennsylvania Waltz     Brimstone Rock    Haw

Denver 1996  part 2  16 Horsepower complete show (5 songs), Twist & Shout records, Denver Colorado 1996

Heart and Soul (last song performed on stage)

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